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>> their summit tran did a good vantage of the situation. >>pam: tonight, kron4 has team
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coverage and >> it is the highest it has been in 15 years. as he says the percentage of gang-related homicides is less than it was last year.
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>>j.r: it was actually so crowded, they had to start late the parking lot directly behind me was so full people could not get in for the meeting. right now, more than 100 people inside are concerned about their safety. >> are working families are having their belongings stolen.
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some >> is clear that the security system in san jose is deteriorating. >> in this video, you can see how many people were actually inside. well over 100 people showed up. this was sponsored by the san jose police officers association. >>pam: a recent financial crisis in san jose has led to police layoffs and salary cuts. kron4 caught up with mayor chuck reed who believes that the police are using the spike in crime to possess cities to
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restore what officers have lost over the last few years. >> they're certainly trying to take advantage of the situation they would like to have their 10 percent back. so would everyone else in this city. >> the mayor adds that the recent spike in crime has no lessons in san jose remains one of the safest big cities in the country. >> mitt romney is taking heat from all sides that he is not backing down despite the fact that a newly released secretly recording comments he made suggest that half the country's voters armatures in that part of the video shows from the telling the audience that the israeli and palestinian conflict is unlikely to be resolved.
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>> new tonight at 8:00 p.m. terisa estacio visited one old liberal magazine that lead to the running video. toccoa editors say that the video has been a huge hit for them. >> it is pretty phenomenal. we have had double the traffic of our previous day ever. >> we are estimating 5 million people are taking it in very different ways and running in very different directions.
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>> we released the full tape and some of these highlights. it is not our job to interpret what he is saying. the words speak for themselves. >> on the video surface two weeks ago and since then they have been working to verify the authenticity. >> we were very surprised that a professional politician said the things that we heard him sing.
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to >>pam: tonight, kron4 is fact checking some of the claims made ironic. we will break that down and take a closer look later in tonight's news casts. the district attorney's office has been negotiating with the county for years and now says the pay will match the intense or click. >> there is always a work on the district attorney's desk. prosecutors have been leaving for other counties that came more and now attorneys say the pay cut the guy is making matters worse. >> 70 lawyers are doing the work that was being done by 100 lawyers if years ago. >> the d.a. has been negotiating for two years as a bear at a standstill.
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compensation and workload does not match in the there's or of a possible strike. >> i signed up to protect the public and protected victims from crime. travel to everything in my power to stop us from taking that drastic step. >> if the district attorney's office goes on strike, the justice system will go on and a halt. >> you can have a lawyer with very little trial experience prosecuting someone who murdered your loved one. you could have a lawyer fresh out of law school in >> right now, this county is paying people in the public defender's office and more money to defend criminals than they
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are paying as to protect the victims from those criminals. >> these prosecutors said the lack of district attorneys is a huge public safety issue saying that they want to keep their office open at holocausts but it they do decide to strike, they will have to lead the county no. >> new at 8:00 p.m., two men accused of beating bryan stowe nearly to death are back in a loss angeles courtroom today. luis sanchez and marvin or what are charged with mayhem, assault and battery. the attack happened last year at the dodgers stadium parking lot. in court, a public defender was assigned to sanchez after his attorney left the case.
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the trial is expected to start in december. sanchez ended norwood have both pleaded not guilty. >> another cool day around the bay area, especially for our inland valleys. we will continue with cooler weather but there could be a little pick-up as we head into the weekend.
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our wireless receiver lets you move your tv where you want around the house -- even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ megan ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >>pam: at least to great white sharks were seen swimming close to shore near santa cruz. jeff bush smoke with a tour ride and shows you the pictures of the infamous great white. >> the group of whale watchers saw a whale, but what happened next was totally unexpected. >> we saw a big disturbance in the water next to the boat. the volunteer look down and saw a shark. >> looked behind the building
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and saw that it went behind us. >> it helps a real. we had seen sharks before but nothing that was this big. you could easily see it was one-third of the length of our entire boat. >> the people mature group were not the only ones to spot a great white. the fancy how close the sharks were. >> there are a lot of dolphin and harbor seals traffic. a lot of hard for seals. because of this, we have sharks. >> the group was looking to see such an elusive animal up close. shark experts say it is rare for sharks to a counter human award people to exercise caution if they're going into
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the ocean because those sharks are out there. >>pam: nasa is preparing send space shuttle endeavor on a nationwide farewell tour. the trouble include flyovers and stops at numerous nasa facilities across the country. weather permitting it will visit california into the bay area on friday. >> after several delays due to bad weather, nasa is preparing to move the endeavor from florida to its permanent home in los angeles but the trip is not a direct flight. the space shuttle endeavor is riding piggyback on board a modified 747 and is scarcely the kennedy space center in florida around 7:15 a.m..
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the shuttle will land and spent wednesday night at ellington field in houston. on wednesday it will fly west to el tasso where it will make a brief fueling stop and then off to california. it will spend thursday night at edwards air force base. around 7:00 a.m. the shuttle will begin its tour of california flying north of the central valley and then making a low altitude as of the state capital in sacramento before turning west heading toward san francisco. nasa says the shuttle made low altitude visits to multiple bay area landmarks. the shuttle will head south down the coast toward los angeles where it will make a brief tour over the city before landing at lax before noon.
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>> here are some of the best places to watch the shuttle. the berkeley marina is also a good spot, fisherman's wharf, christie feels and sausalito. anywhere near the water will be a good theory. endeavor will be circling over the golden gate. if the fog is not to take, anywhere near the bridge should be it.
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>>pam: before nasa astronauts blastoff they make a stop in the bay area. kron4 takes you behind the controls at the nasa simulator coming up later. >>jaqueline: cooler weather over the past couple of days. that will continue into tomorrow. here is a live look from the ba temperatures right now are on the cooler side. fifties and low 60s for the inland valleys. another chilly night with temperatures are in to the '40's and '50's. the fog is spreading all the way inland. into the afternoon, sunny and cool with temperatures in the '60s and '70s.
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>> contest on a 193, the new 24-7 news channel. >>vicki: what is the culprit behind childhood obesity? you might be surprised to know. >>gary: in game 1 of a major tan game road trip. also, one of the founders of nfl football has passed away in vans, the raiders need some help. those stories are coming later in the broadcast.
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>> apple had said they have made improvements to siri. even if you're not getting a new iphone, you have something to look forward to with the release of the new operating system. >> siri has also learned how
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to launch applications. >> many people have been waiting for this, a big change is coming to face time. right now, it only works over wi-fi. with the new operating system with our enabling face time over cellular. >> they are dumping google maps in apple has greeted their new mapping system. it looks similar to go will maps and offers local search, traffic, turn by turn directions and orcs with siri. then it 3d mapping feature is really cool and it renders in real time. it looks like a movie.
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>>pam: concerns about irradiation on treasure island. tonight the committee is meeting with the navy. we will show you the problem areas. the end of an error and the beginning of a fully electronic one, big change is coming off to the golden gate bridge coming out.
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>>pam: tonight, a concern about radiation on treasure island. the navy is holding a meeting to discuss what some say is widespread radiation contamination. residents want to know why the navy did not inform about potential danger. costs
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to >> you have some low income housing near the northwest corner. on the northeast side, a waste water treatment plant, but it does the border some housing as well. right now a little more than two dozen people living on treasure island but the real concern is the planned development. almost 20,000 people set to move on to the treasure island once the high-rise community is in build, the development would encompass more than half of the development.
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>>pam: new tonight, and urgently from a father asking for help in catching criminals that stole his son's cello from the san francisco conservatory. this shows a young couple making off with his sons instrument. toll takers will be phased out as a new electronic system is said to be rolled out on the golden gate. testing of the new system begins in december. cash will not be accepted any more but there are some new options. the first is paid by plague. in there are also onetime payments they can be made online by phone or in person. >>pam: something special coming to the bay bridge. about 25,000 at the lights will be strung along the bridge
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as a part of the two year art installation. it is an $8 million plant expected to be unveiled in marchmarch and supported by gav newsome. >> kids are getting bigger around the waist line, that much we know, but why? could it be something you cannot see but is right there in our food and drinks?
8:35 pm
by monday will be surprised with the bpa shows up. it shows up at a lot of what we see from cans and bottles. >> in the news that the kids of the highest levels of bpa were twice as likely to be obese than children with lower levels. critics are quick to point out that the study cannot say that bpa is the cause of obesity, it only shows a link. the fda has already banned the bpa and baby bottles and said teacups but stopped short of banning cans. what can a parent do? if you are worried health experts say try fresh or frozen foods instead of cans and of course, it is never a bad idea to make sure the your kids get plenty of exercise. >> tonight kron4 is taking a closer look at controversial
8:36 pm
comments made by mitt romney on a secretly videotaped fund-raising speech. he said that 47 percent of americans support obama handed do not pay any taxes. like many claims the romney's statement about who pays taxes is basically true but it is misleading. his assumption that those who did not pay income taxes are exclusively obama supporters has no basis. >> starting with the basics, his statement that nearly half of all americans pay no income tax is a fact. according to the tax foundation, 46.4 percent of all americans do not pay income taxes but that does not mean that they do not pay any taxes. most of the 47% have taxes taken out of their paychecks. that money is used to fund social security and medicare. of the rest, 7% r 24 24 and to
8:37 pm
their income is less than $20,000 a year. 10 percent are elderly benefit from tax cuts passed under republicans. there is no evidence that people who pay no income tax r obama supporters. this map shows the states with the lowest proportion of income taxpayers. almost all of them are solidly republican. his statement that the 47 handouts is also an t on accurate. the facts are that 26 percent of americans are on medicaid. 15 percent get food stamps and 8% use a quick, food aid for women, infants and children. four percent and housing assistance and to present get temporary aid for needy families. >> cooler today, especially for the inland valleys.
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wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>pam: >> before they blastoff astronauts come to moffett field to practice when the shuttle. >> every astronaut that has ever flown a facial has said in his chair.
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>> since the space shuttle crew of apollo and other programs of the '70s, nafta has been there every step of the way. there have been more than 5300 simulated touchdowns and other training exercises related to 135 missions.
8:42 pm
>> these life-saving ceramic tiles are designed to withstand 3000 degree heat during reentry. >> it probably will make me cry because they get emotional with the need things that we and nasa are able to do. >>pam: kron4 gives you the best seat to watch the blue angels live, it is part of san francisco's fleetweek activity. will bring you the sights and sounds hosted by our very own mark danon and george rask.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>stanley: getting on a bus is a lot easier these days. if you have a clipper card, a fact that's are valid transfer, if you could enter through the rear. sketching fare evaders is not so simple anymore.
8:46 pm
look for the person holding a bus while searching for their groove with a myth. then, after leaving the bus have the fear inspectors searched the back for them but never found proof of payment, so he got a ticket. >> this man is upset because he boarded the bus a couple blocks back but never scanned
8:47 pm
his clip art work is there. thoughts that i did not evade and your crew. >>stanley: if you know you are about to catch the bus, have your fear ready in advance. >>jaqueline: '50s and a few low 60s.
8:48 pm
for tomorrow, '60s and '70s. >>gary: did evening. the first of tenet tough games on the road did not go so well for the oakland a's in detroit.
8:49 pm
a day griffith's 6-0 to start his career. everything going his way until tonight. >>gary: a grand slam. that is home run no. 40. the oakland a's are now one game of on the orioles and a wild card race in currently playing in seattle. again, for the oakland a's, this is a tough one. detroit, then the yankees and texas.
8:50 pm
>> he was suspended for wearing i'd laugh with a homophobic slur in spanish. the president of nfl films died today at the age of 69 after an 18 month battle with brain cancer. it was his father a disabled with one camera in the early 1960's that persuaded pete roselle to let him run highlights.
8:51 pm
>> being in an accident and then being able to go out and have fun, doing something i love doing, it was good that i was able to go out there and make plays and get the win. >>gary: remember andre carter? once upon a time he was like alden's met. he is now a free agent and the raiders are going to take a look. he was a no. 1 draft choice and then it bounced around. his season was cut short by injuries and the oakland raiders say, the raiders of
8:52 pm
course can use a lot of health. it will come and pittsburgh on sunday. their place and officials are getting beaten up or verbally. their regular officials made between $3,500.8000 dollars a game. the bottom line is, when ec the way they're being treated and i cannot emphasize this enough, since they are getting bullied, they will have to get those rafts out of there and get the real guys back to work.
8:53 pm
international soccer, manchester city vs. madrid.
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>>gary: lsu is a football factory. last saturday, i a.m telling you, everyone reacts differently.
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